Here you can find information on various things regarding the network and IRC in general. If you believe you can improve on any of the information here, please feel free to drop by our #network channel and let us know. On the same note, if you think something needs to be expanded, let us know!

How to connect?

Click here to view details on our servers and how you can connect to the UnitedChat IRC network and get started chatting today on your favourite client.

IRCd commands

Don't know how 'command xyz' works? Here we provide a run down on our IRCd commands with some examples on how they work!

Services commands

Need help with our services commands? Here we provide some basic FAQ and full services command lists and descriptions here.

Official Channels

Here we list all of the official channels we use on the network so you know you're in the right place for help and/or chat.


Frequently asked questions. This is the type of stuff that we get asked a lot so we made a spot that we can link people to.

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