I've been banned from a channel

If you have been banned from a channel, please take it up with the channel ops of that channel. We will not interfere in how the channel ops decide to run their channel.

I've been banned from the server/network

Staff will not ban users for no reason, so if you find yourself banned from our network it is likely for a good reason. Please do not attempt to ban evade. If you believe that you are banned in error, please use our contact form and your case will be reviewed by our staff.

Recommended Channel Modes

The channel modes will help protect your channel and make your chatting experience more enjoyable for your users.

You can set these on your channel by first making sure you are a chanop (@) and typing the following command, exchanging [#channel] with your channel name.

/MODE [#channel] +CFGJTSfjnt 5:10 5 10:3 5:5

C Blocks CTCP messages sent to the channel
F [changes]:[sec] Block nickname changes once it exceeds the changes per second
G Server side language filter
J Prevents auto rejoins when users are kicked from the channel for [seconds]
T Blocks NOTICE messages sent to the channel from non-half operators or higher
S Strips mIRC colour codes from messages
f [lines]:[sec] Kicks users when they exceed lines per seconds
j [joins]:[sec] Limits the amount of joins per seconds
n Users need to be in the channel to send messages
t Half operator or higher access is needed to change the topic

Protect against problematic TOR users

We have TOR hidden services that allow additional level of privacy for those who wish to use it. While this is great, it can potentially be abused. This will provide some information on how you can protect your channels if you run into issues with TOR users.

All TOR connection hosts have custom hosts which make it easy to identify and banned these users

Type Hostmask Notes
SASL *!*@gateway/tor/sasl/[account] When the user connects with SASL, they are connecting to a registered nickname and they get this hostmask. As they have gone through the effort of registering their nicknames, they are generally good users.
NOSASL *!*@gateway/tor/nosasl/[nick] All connections that do not connect via SASL will get this hostmask. As they are the most anonymous, these are you ones you may run into issues with.

How to ban these addresses

Ban all nonsasl tor connections /MODE [#channel] +b *!*@gateway/tor/nosasl/*
Ban ALL tor connections /MODE [#channel] +b *!*@gateway/tor/*
Ban specific nonsasl tor connections /MODE [#channel] +b *!*@gateway/tor/nonsasl/[nick]