List of rules and conditions which we expect all users to abide by. If you do not agree to these rules please disconnect. These rules may be updated at anytime, without notice. It is the responsibility of the user to keep up to date with the rules.


  1. No distributing copyright or illegal material (pirated material, malware, viruses, stolen credit cards, etc)
  2. No distributing child pornography
  3. No advertising for the purpose of self-promotion of other IRC networks, websites, channels, etc
  4. No flooding/DDoS'ing users or network resources
  5. No botnets or abusive bots
  6. No harassing users
  7. No begging for an O:line
  8. No clones (We soft limit the amount of connections you can have to 3 per IP. Any more than this will risk being banned)

All users need to abide by the above rules. Action will be taken against users who break these rules which can include, but not limited to
kills, akills, nick freezing, closing channels, etc at the discretion of Network staff.

Bots Policy

We allow passive bots on the network. Passive bots are bots that are not abusive or annoying.


Using our service(s) is a right, not a privilege. We reserve the right to remove or limit access to
any of our services for any reason.