Server Name Location IPv6 Ports SSL Ports San Francisco, USA 5000, 6667 - 6669 5001, 6697

Round Robin

UnitedChat have a couple of roundrobin addresses which you can use to connect to our network depending on your situation contains both IPv4 and IPv6 records contains only IPv6 records contains only IPv4 records

Specific servers

You can also connect to specific servers that are geographically closest to you for the performance instead of relying on round robin addresses. The specific server dns follows the same convention of the round robin addresses.

Tor access

UnitedChat has hidden services setup that allow anonymous connections to our network. You can connect using our KIWIIRC web app or using the onion addresses and your favourite client. Click on the server names listed above to get their onion addresses. We offer this service as a way to help our privacy sensitive users achieve a higher level of privacy. TOR (Onion) Webchat