UnitedChat is a small IRC network that was created as a way to help united our friends after the closure of another IRC network. It focuses on providing a fun and inclusive community for all people as well as using the latest IRCv3 technologies thanks to the latest versions of InspIRCd servers. UnitedChat was originally known as the GeeksAndGamers network, but has since changed its identity to help established it's new 'fun, inclusive and united' direction.


Below is a list of some of the features that are available on our network.

Services We provide services for our users which allows the ability to register nicknames and channels (amount other things) for recurring use and control over these assets.
SSL Encryption All of our servers communicate with each other over SSL. We also allow users to connect to our servers using SSL. You can view more information about which ports we use for SSL on our Servers page.
IPv6 Enabled Our servers are all IPv6 enabled. For more information about how we use IPv6, please look on our Servers page
IRCv3 Features Our network uses the latest IRCv3 technologies. The extensions we provide are account-notify, account-tag, away-notify, batch, cap-notify, chghost, echo-message, extended-join, invite-notify, message-tags, monitor, multi-prefix, sasl v3.1, sasl v3.2, server-time, sts, tls, userhost-in-names
SASL Authentication SASL is an authentication method that allows users to authenticate to our services (NickServ) during the registration phase of the connection (before actually fully connecting to the network). To use this feature your client must support it, please check your client documentation for more information on whether it supports SASL.
Other features Free vhosts (virtual hosts), IP/hostname cloaking

Becoming a staffer

We are currently NOT looking to add any new 'staff' to our network

When we do, we will ask you. People who ask for access will automatically go to the bottom of the list

All staff members need to have a good understanding of our IRCd, Services and the Ethos of the network. This means we want knowlegable people that share the same interests to help drive our community forward. If you have to ask what our interests are, then you've missed the boat and are not likely the right person for the job.