Using a standalone client on a PC

For chat clients such as: HexChat/mIRC/etc: /server
To connect using SSL (recommended): /server +6697
You may need to enter your nickname if you have not already use mIRC previously

Using your smartphone

If you’re using a smartphone (android/iphone etc) you will need to download an app
Once you have downloaded one, you need to open settings or add server
In "server" put:
And if you wish to use SSL in port put: +6697
Choose a nick if required

Using our webchat client - no software needs to be installed on your end!

To connect using our online chat experience, simply go to:
Choose which channel you wish to connect to (on the left side panel) or if you wish to make your own channel, click "Connect" (top left corner of chat applet) choose a nickname and channel using the # prefix. There is already channel; #chat set by default to help you choose your channel or simply connect to #chat our official irc chat channel