Channel modes

Mode Description
v Gives voice to a nickname, allowing them to speak while the channel is +m.
h Gives halfop status to a nickname.
o Gives op status to a nickname.
b Bans a hostmask from the channel.
e Excepts a hostmask from bans.
I Excepts a hostmask from +i, allowing matching users to join while the channel is invite-only.
c Blocks messages containing mIRC color codes.
d [time] Blocks messages to a channel from new users until they have been in the channel for a time in seconds.
f [*][lines]:[sec] Kicks on text flood equal to or above the specified rate. With *, the user is banned.
i Makes the channel invite-only. Users can only join if an operator uses /INVITE to invite them.
j [joins]:[sec] Limits joins to the specified rate.
k [key] Set the channel key (password) to [key].
l [limit] Set the maximum allowed users to [limit].
m Enable moderation. Only users with +v, +h, or +o can speak.
n Blocks users who are not members of the channel from messaging it.
p Make channel private, hiding it in users' whoises and replacing it with * in /LIST.
s Make channel secret, hiding it in users' whoises and /LIST.
t Prevents users without +h or +o from changing the topic.
u Makes the channel an auditorium; normal users only
z Blocks non-SSL clients from joining the channel.
A Allows anyone to invite users to the channel (normally only chanops can invite).
B Blocks messages with too many capital letters, as determined by the network configuration
C Blocks any CTCPs to the channel.
D Delays join messages from users until they message the channel.
F [changes]:[sec] Blocks nick changes when they equal or exceed the specified rate.
G Censors messages to the channel based on the network configuration.
J [seconds] Prevents rejoin after kick for the specified number of seconds. This prevents auto-rejoin.
K Blocks /KNOCK on the channel.
L [channel] If the channel reaches its limit set by +l, redirect users to a channel.
M Blocks unregistered users from speaking.
N Prevents users on the channel from chainging nick.
Q Only ulined servers and their users can kick.
R Blocks unregistered users from joining.
S Strips mIRC color codes from messages to the channel.
T Blocks /NOTICEs to the channel from users who are not at least halfop.
X Makes channel operators immune to the specified restrictive mode.

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