Top 10 Channels

The list of our top 10 channels, based on user count, on our network. Please read through the list and see if there are any channels/topics that peak your interest. If you don't find a channel that suits your needs, please feel free to create it yourself and start your own online community today!
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Name Topic Users
#Chat Welcome to #Chat | Wheatons law applies: Don't be a dick | English Only | Current topic: Anything to strike a conversation 12
#Help Please ask your question in the channel and wait for a response. Do not message the ops/halfops/voices without permission from them. Please be respectful towards the people that donate their time to help 7
#network Welcome to our official 'network' channel. Please don't message the ops/halfops/voices without permission. If you require a staff member, please ask in the channel. If you need general help, please join #help 5
#united no topic set 6
#bots BotServ help channel 4
#Adult Welcome to #Adult | Adults Only (18+) | Please feel free to talk dirty, but please be respectful to each other 3
#Lobby Welcome to #lobby - GeeksAndGamers Lobby Chat Channel - Please keep your conversations clean and friendly. Enjoy your stay! - visit 3
#idlerpg no topic set 3
#india no topic set 3
#malaysia Welcome To #MALAYSIA. 3